A radical Estes Executioner

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Nov 5, 2011
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Any comments are welcome.
Folks don't see many Estes Ex' that look like this....
I finally nailed masking the paint. It helps when it's 90 degrees outside.

I really like this one.
I just wonder if I can follow the lighter paint colors say, on F21 ?
I did make the lower CR and MM on it the dark blue. That ought to help.

I started to put some dark blue on the NC end, decided that would ruin the semi-camo theme. Besides, the chute is (hopefully) going to be easy to spot.
That is totally awesome. I've never seen any rocket done like that. Pretty much all the Executioners I've seen were either done in or close to the stock scheme on the package.

I happen to be finishing one for a friend of mine. We are going to do the stock scheme pattern but instead of the silver, we plan to do it in gold instead.

It should be really cool but masking it is such a b!%#%.
Originally posted by Donaldsrockets

It should be really cool but masking it is such a b!%#%.
My sentiments exactly :rolleyes:

spacecowboy: That is extremely cool. I was thinking about doing something similar myself. I think the dark blue on the NC would have looked very cool though
spacecowboy, now you better get ready for a wave of copy-cats

I think I will be one of 'em
Seeing as how my other Ex went out of sight on an E9, and waaaay out there on F21, I re-thought the paint scheme....This paint is no good, it needs more "dark" to it. I got in a hurry with the blue, just about ruined it. I do this with every roc I build, I gotta learn to slow down.

All the yellow is triangles, all the blue is quadrahedrons.
Someday I'm going to figure out how to post 2 pix at once, thus the 2 posts for side A and B.....................
the other view. . . .

powderburner....I filed a copyright today.
No, I really didn't, Knock yourself out. I think the creativity in paint schemes is a major part of the fun in flying rox.

I don't think I posted a pic of my first cluster of Baby Bertha. Now that one was a weird paint scheme.

I've only built one roc on package paint scheme, the Patriot. I even played around with the decals on my first roc, the AlphaIII starter kit, and not long after that, I was into "scratch" big time.
Nice and unique design on your executioner. I went with the "stock" paint style, but I used red not yellow for the pin stripping. I flew it on an Aerotech E30. It flys great.

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