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Rocketman 13

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Nov 18, 2003
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Hey guys I don't have much of a rocket library ad it would nice to have some references once in a while.I am looking for the perfect book that is up to date and goes from low power to high power i already have G Harry stines bible to rocketry so some links to a good website will really help me out and movies might be ok with me to I got a movie for skill level one fro Apogee Componts that was pretty helpful and I can't really get help from I club because I am 100 miles from one! Thanks Rocketman 13
Model rocket design and construction from Apogee.is a good one for non high power building techniques..and you get alot of extras on cd when you order from them
I think Bill Stine's 7th edition will be a good book, I think it comes out beginning of April.......
You might want to get "Modern High Power Rocketry" YOu can get it from a number of different places.

I would also like to recommend Experimental Composite Propellant. Even if you don't plan on getting into EX, it has alot of good stuff in it if you are intigued by motor deisgn, function, motor chemistry, etc.
Originally posted by Rocketman 13
I thought Bill Stine died so how can there be a 7th book?

Harry Stine died..... His son Bill is the one publishing the 7th edition..... What I don't know is how much was written by Harry before he died and how much was written by Bill........ Either way, I will be buying the 7th edition as soon as it comes out!!!!!!
Well thanks for all your help. I better start saving up my money to start my rocket library and also I have the Model Rocket Design and Construction from Apogee but they only had cds for it left so they felt bad about me not getting a book so they gave me Building leave 1 rockets on cd and its all a video!! Rocketman 13
Yeah, what they said. Actually, I have an opinion of my own. I personally enjoy Mr. Stine's book the best, closely followed by TVM's book, then lastly I like Modern HPR. I think that Mr. Stine's book covers everything that matters for LPR, and is a great book to learn the sciences behind rocketry. TVM's book is a good book to get ideas for designs from - a very unique book. Modern HPR is OK, and I learned a lot, but I'd like to see more text and about the same amount of pics.

TVM - Tim Van Milligan, author of Model Rocket Design and Construction.

LPR - Low Power Rocketry

watching the "building level 1" CD put my skills up a couple levels. no more blobs and runs from spray paint. perfect fillets and wood glue joints every time. well worth the $10 just for those things, and there is so much more on the CD.
Yeah it is a great help and it helped me out a lot to plus it had bloopers on it when his dog got in the way.