A Pic of some Oldies

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Are these clones or originals?

Either way, they are very nice!!

Ouch!!! You really know how to make a guy feel real old...

I've owned all four of those in the past...I really loved that Cherokee D.
I lost the Sprint on a C6-7 flight last summer, have the parts for the X-Ray, (but had an original,) and currently fly a Goblin and two Cherokee's. I'd count all four among my favorites.
Ah yes.. They do indeed bring back many fond memories! I still have 3 of the 4 original Estes models, Like Fishhead I also lost my sprint on a C6-7 but several years ago. I now also have 3 of the four in Micro-Maxx downscale size:) only one missing...you guessed it the Sprint, which is on the micro build list for this summer.
Great to see them in a group:)
Got a few of my oldies together for a picture... In 1979 I got my first Red Max kit I loved it and did a pretty poor job buildind it (no sealer, brush painted and half the decals destroyed during application). From then on every few years I built another one as good as my modelling skills at the time would permit me. In the picture attached the models are from 1979, 1985, 1989 and 2000.
Boy, what to do next!