A Perfect day!!!!

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Mar 23, 2011
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Ahhh! What a nice Saturday! I woke up and it was kinda cloudy but I just was out, and man, what a nice, clear, warm and low wind spring day. I want to launch some rockets! But alas, no time and the launch isn't for two weeks, and I have to go to work. Oh well, I guess I'll build on my Ultimate some.......

Anyone else suffering as I am?
yes, I went outside and that spring smell filled my nose and I could smell the grass like I was at the launch. But then I realized I was only at home. NOO!!!!!!
Wer'e in the "back and forth" weather here in Wisconsin. Get's warm enough to feel summer coming in the air, then the next day, it cools way down and starts snowing. I'tll be like that for another month or so but, at least the real cold is gone for another season, hopefully. ;)
Went to witness a TARC group try to fly two eggs to 1,250'.

Well, being typical kids...they weren't near ready to fly when I arrived.

No motor mounts no recovery devises...so I waited in a basement for 3 hours on a beautiful spring day...WITH NO WIND!!!

Finally got to the field...1,000 acres of hardpacked stubble...PERFECT.

Waited for the kids to fly...7:30P.M...hmmm...only about an hour of light left...and now it's cloudy and blowing pretty good.

Flew my mustang on an F20-7 twice! Beautiful flights...sorry no pics...the kids were busy.

Kids finally got a flight off...1,510' on a 3xD12 to single E9-6...chute stripped...one cracked egg. DQ!

Flew my Aerotech Tohmahawk to an unbelievable altitute on a really old G40-9 SU motor...WTF up there!

Kids got there second attemp ready...3xD12-0 to a D12-7...nice cluster boost...no second stage ignition???:confused: two scrambled eggs...and one scrambled altimeter...oh yea, and a scrambled rocket!

Better luck next year kids.

But I had 3 good flights.

Gee, did they give me my parachute back?...oh no...I let them have it 'cause there was raw egg all over it!

Moral...if the weather is nice...GO FLY...get out of the friggibn' basement!

I can honestly say I had three perfect flights and absolitely no damage to any of my rockets! Not a scratch!