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Jan 17, 2009
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During Naram51 Austin the next to the youngest son saw a LOC Weasel kit laying on Ken Allen's table and wanted it. So I got it for him and we built it the next day with a few mods. I cut new fins for it with through wall tabs, added a longer motor tube, added kevlar harness and mounting point, added rail buttons and a slimline retainer. We flew this thing on 5 different motors during naram and had a blast with it. That is when Austin said that him, Kian (youngest son) and me should each get one and drag race then. So I ordered the parts to build 2 more. Pictures below show the parts and Austin's weasel that still needs painted. The paint designs for these are a little different. Austin's will be Pink and Black. Kian's will be Pink and Blue. Mine will be Orange and Black. We decide we want dark and bright contrast so we can see them in the air and find them on the ground. All three of these use streamer recovery. I still need to order aeropack retainers for the two new weasels. I will post more on these builds as I get more done.

Picture 001.jpg

Picture 002.jpg
Also the names are from the cartoon Phineas and Pherb. Austin's is Pherb, Kian's is Phineas and mine is Perry the Platypus. The younest boy came up with the names so now I need to have stickershock make up some decals.
Well got around to building the motor mounts. Putting the bulkheads in the couplers and installing them in the payload bays. Installed the motor tubes and installed the fins. Now I need to do the fillets, drill holes for the rail buttons and prep for paint.

Picture 003.jpg

Picture 004.jpg
Nice looking kit... Kinda makes me want to make a clone the next time I'm home. Assuming I remember the kit of course.

Should be tons of fun to have a family drag race. :cheers:
A Weasel is almost a must for everyone's arsenal.

Although me and Weasels don't get along. Lost one. Lost another. Pranged yet another... repairable.

You should see then go on an H50, if you can find one.

Leave out the provided motor mount and have the option of flying 38mm motors.
I left the motor mounts in that was in the kit. This can be flown for cheap and still get some serious air with it.
And here is Phineas, Pherb and Perry the Platypus. The only thing left is to install the aeropacks on Phineas and Perry.

I got a weasel (aka ferret) over the weekend. :bangpan:

Now I'll have to build another Weasel in her name.