a new vid from Corpse & Vicious

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is that a multistage? (nope)

its a 3 F cluster :D

will post pic of the leftovers after Vicious
sends them over.
Wow! What is the estimated altitude that thing went ? That seriously got up there FAST!
I'm not sure of the altitude but I can tell you it was up so high that I couldn't see it pop the nose, it was pretty much out of sight and that rocket is/was 5 1/2 feet tall! I was standing a little too close to it when I lit it off because I could feel the heat on my face real well as it went up, and you wanna talk about LOUD!?!? I thought the cops would be out there any time, we've got mountains all around us and it echoed like I couldn't believe. Does 3 F21W's in a cluster require an FAA waiver? If it doesn't, it should!

I had 3 baffles in it and I had the kevlar shock cord tried to an eye hook in one of them, it looks like it tore out the baffle and seperated the nose and chute from the rest of the rocket. I think the nose and chute are probably still floating around somewhere in California and we found the rocket in the middle of the road about a mile or so away on our way home! I came down nose first and made a slinky out of it, here's a pic of what's left. The motor mount, fins and lugs are all intact and not hurt so it should be an easy repair.

Awesome video....

What delays were you using...? I'd say at least needed the 8 second if not longer....