A Moment of Silence, Please.

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Feb 29, 2004
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I would appreciate a moment of silence, please, for my 10 year old Fat Boy.

After over 10 years of happiness, flying high and proud, showing off for big Bertha and Big Betty, my Estes Fat Boy has taken the long flight home. Several broken fins couldn't stop him. Ejection charge failure, no problem. More than one severed shock cord - "just patch me up". Tangled chutes, hard landings, forgotten recovery wadding - He still flew over and over again.

After going through all of these things, to be done in by a GROCERY SACK FULL OF CAN GOODS! It just ain't right.

John (not Jon) Arthur


P.S. Do you think I can get some bereavement pay for this?
Let me guess... Had it in the trunk, sack rolled over and crushed it?

Reminds me of the Fat Boy I lost many years ago...those 24mm injections got the best of em :( He died happy as a BP junky :cool:

Wally World used to carry them for $8...You'll re-marry. (find another Fat Boy that is)
Sorry to hear about your loss, John. Accidents like that are the worst.

-> 1min silence <-

My Fatboy is currently in the hospital wing; suffering from a dislocated fin, courtesy of the bloke from the council who installed my smoke alarm the other week. :mad: The fin is only dislocated NOT broken, so its an easy mend.

However ..... My FB's big bro The Big Daddy is about to enter active service, in my fleet, and priority has been given to getting that painted. Big Daddy is in primer stage now - I'm hopeing to get the main paint on tomorrow.
Well that sucks to hear, John. Fat Boy's are good kits.

If its any consolation, I lost my Richter Recker today to tall grass...this rocket had many, many good clustered flights on both D12's and E9's. We searched all over that field, and just couldn't find it! It totally sucks...I'm hoping that the landowner will find it and return it to me at out next launch...there's two nice nylon chutes on that thing!