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Ray Dunakin

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Jan 9, 2003
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I lost five pounds in my efforts to get back into shape! For the past three months I've been taking long, brisk walks. Currently I'm doing over three miles, 3-5 times a week and cutting back a little on the snacks. Now I'm finally starting to see some results and feel a lot better too. My goal is to get my weight down below 200 and keep it there. I'll probably knock off another five pounds on my upcoming vacation since I eat less and spend most of five days hiking in the desert.

I had started this regimen last year but when my wife ended up in the hospital I stopped taking walks and was eating lots of "comfort foods". Then it was hard to get started again.
Good for you, Last year I started doing the same thing, taking walks, eating less junk food. In one year of doing this I lost almost 40lbs. Im in the best shape ive been in 25 years and feel so much better. Keep it up.

Make sure you put big chutes in your rockets. Make you have to walk farther to get them. LOL

Congratualtions! keep up the good work!
Since my back injury in 2000, i've gained a heap of weight,.. still have trouble walking any distance...but am trying to loose about 100lbs:( maybe a 5 or 10lb at a time about 25 down 75 to go:D