A long, slightly depressing rocketry story...

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Jan 26, 2009
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** i put the important part i kinda wanna know about in bold*

This all starts around 3 weeks back...

It had been over a month since I had launched, so i decided that I would get everything ready, and go out... After an hour of running around getting everything together, we go to the local park, and see a bunch of huge baseball games going on. Giving they had field lisences (sp), and just for general safety, I called it off.

So I ripped out all my igniters.

The next friday, I heard about good weather, so that night I got all my stuff ready, in an effort to hopefully get to the park early, before the games. Yet again, I load up 10 or 15 rockets with engines, wadding, igniters etc. Sadly, i never woke up early enough, and my dad had left by the time i was up.

So I ripped all my igniters out. Again.

The next week, I just said "ok, Ill go out this weekend, before the sun rises if I need to." So, this time, I loaded up only about 8 rockets with wadding, engines, igniters etc. because the others had been broken in the transportation between the park and my house.

Never woke up.

Worse, is that i was playing around with my 12 volt battery and some leds, and accidentally had the power running a continous circuit for a few days.

Now after the regents, spanish, and all those other tests, i decided to go out for a launch.

That brings us to today.

I had noticed, from the time i went out and spent my 80 dollars on 60 bucks worth of engines, 5 on wadding, and 15 on igniters (a bulk pacage of around 40 from my local hobby shop) My supply had diminished. Alot.

So, I had to make due, swtiching some quests with estes, which had always previously worked, fixing some last minute things, etc. etc.

I get everything ready, in the car, all set to launch. Man, if we suddenly ran into some sort of firey parallel universe the car woulda been one heckofva firework show...

We get to the park, and put out the pads, launchers, etc. Theres a big crowd of around 40 kids having a pizza party for a baseball game on the side. I noticed they were playing with some air pump rockets, so i got alittle excited thinking that they would be impressed.

First up fat boy, cause i figured I'd use him as a wind drone thing to see which way the rockets would float (the wind was alittle strong).

Estes b4-6 i belive, with a quest tigerstripe igniter (it had worked last time)

I press the key in, and something odd happens... the lightbulb fries, and so does the plastic around it. The rocket igniter just pops out the back.

No fat boy launch.

Next up, mk109 stingray on a estes C with a tigerstripe (the wind had died down alittle.

3-2-1, light on spare controller, ... nothing.

No stingray launch.

Next up, the goddard project, since i had finally gotten it back from school, on a D12-something...

First, i tried to use my 12 volt launcher... Pretty soon i learned it was a dead battery...

Then i used the estes launcher. FWOOSH. nice and slow, not too high, arched alittle on the delay, and the the chute deployed... It floated down nicely, right smack dab into a tree. If anyone by any chance has ever been to crocheron park, you know how horrifying the trees can be. No branches on the lower parts... No way to climb...

I wasn't gonna launch my pheonix here, so i sidelined him. I got a no launch on my big bertha, on a quest c65 with a tigerstripe, so then i moved onto the bigger bertha.

This 3 engine cluster had never flown. I hooked it up, and prayed the 12 volt would work.

no luck.

So then I put on my newest rocket, the Sport. The kids, now watching in a crowd, count down, and SWFOOSH. perfect launch.

I let two that were around run after it :D

So then another group of kids come up. Here i am, with 40 little kids all screaming "ROCKET MAN" wanting a launch, and i have no igniters left.

I took 3 tries off of the ones off the bigger bertha cluster. None either time...
I took the ones off of the mk109 and big bertha that didn't light...
No luck.

So, i have one try left. Here i am, PRAYING thisworks... I checked everything 5 times, and had the kids count down...

3-2-1, light on controller, CLICK.

sizzle. pop. nothing.

the igniter fell out the back when i clicked.


the kids were all screaming, but there was nothing short of taking a match and sticking it up the back end of an engine to get it fly... So I wrapped up my stuff, and left...

I woulda rather lost every rocket in my fleet to see the kids there running around after them.

This brings me to something else... Every time im at the park launching, I hear people saying "where do you get these things" and such...

Would it be in any way illegal if i printed out a few sheets of paper and handed them out to anyone who asked at launches with rocket sites? This forum? Or make one site with links to a bunch of other sites.

Well, atleast they were alittle happy...

As far as casualties:

2 igniters
1 launchpad
1 rocket

I got quite a few of repairs to catch up to :D
Bummer luck on the ignitors. :( We have all had those kind of days.....
It sounds like you might be getting a short circuit on those tigertail ignitors.
Guess you will have to stock up on Estes ignitors or start makin your own!!
Better luck next time!:)
got some pics off of the two launches... i wish you could hear the video off of the second one...


I dont quite understand the question...

If you mean "would it be illegal if I printed out a bunch of URLs and handed em out at the park?"

I doubt it.

If I were a big webstore, I would encourage it... I dont think they have any problem with people getting them more customers...:rolleyes: More buisness for them, whats to complain about?;) :p :D
Heres what I usually do,
I just direct them to Walmart for an Estes starter set
but usually someone likes a specific rocket I'm flying that you can't get at a local shop ,
having some info to give out ,mabey stored in your flight box, is a smart idea
Print up a sheet showing your own web site (if you have one) along with other links that are of importance to you and related to model rocketry.

My suggestions for such a list of links would include:

any NAR section in your area
a list of vendors that you like

In addition to the links, you could provide a sentence or two about each one and explain why you recommend each link.

There is nothing wrong with that, nothing illegal and nothing anyone would complain about. All you are doing is passing out a list of factual data.

Go for it :)
just was doing that... 3 times... crummy microsoft front page...

oh well... i guess thats why they made freewebs
A good basic example of- Pay Forward
.... to sustain the hobby,educate, and hopefully inspire yet annother rocketeer !
Originally posted by rabidsheeep
just was doing that... 3 times... crummy microsoft front page...

oh well... i guess thats why they made freewebs

buahhah....that's why they made notepad!

I suggest (as previously posted) you show them the estes launchables and let it take off (literally!) from there.

Since when has printing things out and handing it to people become illegal? What happened to free speech? Just make sure to keep the copyright on the website (if it has one).

Hold the Head up Dude...!!!

We have all had days like that.

Time heals all things... and Elmers works good on rockets...LOL!!!

And as for the flyers.... Do it...

Originally posted by jflis
My suggestions for such a list of links would include:

any NAR section in your area
a list of vendors that you like
I would add to this list (and probably at the top) www.flyrockets.com

The FlyRockets.com website is a great starting point for information about all levels of rocketry and is a resource we've been forgetting about quite a bit. It has links to everything rocketry, including the national organizations, vendors, local clubs, personal rocketry sites, etc.

See my "Promoting Rocketry" post in the Coffee House about an idea for a FlyRockets.com promotion.

Giving out this type of information is in no way illegal. Folks post stuff on the web to get it out to the masses. All you would be doing is extending that promotion a little.

Good Luck, --Lance.
well, like i said, good job for free webs...

ill change the homepage later...


thers an annoying blinkey thing on the getting started page if your using mozilla i cant get rid of cause i cant find the blink command in the html... doesn't bother me on i.e. though
Looking good, I see you used my links list and gave me credit for it which is cool, that's what I made it for. Would you mind adding a link to the thread when you introduce the list just so people can access and up-to-date version and know exactly where it came from. Thanks.