A little winter flying...

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Aug 15, 2012
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After waiting out the real cold weather here in WI, I thought I'd throw a few up, as it's been awhile since the good 'ol smell of propellant has been in the air. ;)
A coworker and his sons came out and we managed to fly a 1/2 dozen birds. I had intended to fly the newly finished Astrobee or upscale Phoenix but, the snow moved back in so we called 'er quits before that happened. Oh well, plenty of warmer weather coming for that.
A few pics, forthcoming...
pic above is of the newly finished "multi-multi? pad" It's a combination of a rail pad with a mutli-pad attached. Works great.
Loaded up with a Patriot.

Next pic...
Patriot on the way back down. Long shockcords and ripstops make for easy recovery.
I had to talk one of Dave's sons into pushing the button on the Executioner on an F21. They were already holding their ears when I got back to the controller and I assured them we'd all come out alive. After the launch they were all over their dad with, "we gotta get some rockets like that Dad!" ;)
The youngsters give a thumbs up after a successful launch of one of their birds that came back real close to the pad.