A little scratch build project.

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Jul 25, 2009
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So while I was waiting on the glue to dry on the Mars Lander.
Some about idle hands comes to mind... I started piecing together
a rocket out of what is laying around the bench. I got lotsa "bits
and bobs" laying about.

Still thinking it out but I thought I would toss it up here for feed back.

The motor mount is a twin E (24mm) cluster, I am using an ejection
baffle and the airframe is a BT-70 tube. Thinking about making it
"modular" so I can fly it with and with out the altimeter/payload bay.
I need to do some more sims. and see what I come up with.

Alt rkt.JPG

View attachment 24 mm two engin cluster altimeter rocket.rkt
Well the winds died down late this afternoon and ended up being light out of
the west. So last minute my son and I decided to launch a few rockets. His
18mm scratch build. I will post that one later in a separate thread. And my
lastest cluster, 2 x E9-6's sim'd out at ~1500 feet. I'd buy that. The winds
up high were definitely stronger than the surface winds. I launched it 3
times, first was on D12-5's but only one lit. Deployment was well past
apogee and resulted in a minor zipper, 1/4" long. Got bigger battery, no
further issues on ignition. second flight was on D12-5's perfect flight. Third
flight E9-6's beautiful flight deployment near apogee. Had to call neighbor let
him know we were coming over to retrieve rocket from his pasture. Ground
drift was ~1/4" mile, there is a 40ish acre field of corn between his house
and mine. The corn is just coming up so you can still find rockets easy. His
pasture not so much. Oh well... we did find it but the skeeters found us first.
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I hope that the little buggers let you keep at least a little bit of your blood. :rolleyes:

Nice build, Shade. After awhile, who doesn't have little "bits and bobs" scattered all around in the workshop? A creative person finds a use for them, as you did. Good job! :)

BTW, I love the six fins! :D

Cool rocket! Nice!

OL JR :)

PS... there's this neat stuff called "OFF!" that's really your friend in skeeter country... :D
Cool rocket! Nice!

OL JR :)

PS... there's this neat stuff called "OFF!" that's really your friend in skeeter country... :D

Thanks, now I just have to figure out what to paint it. The white is just a
primer coat for something. I work under the premise that paint is optional.
I also still have to build the altimeter bay for it.

We have OFF just became real appearent last night that SWMBO's chickens
and ducks actually to make a significant dent the the skeeter population as
well as flies.

(SWMBO - she who must be obeyed...)
Well I was diggin' around the paint can shelf in the shop and decided to
go with Ford (as in tractor) Blue and Ford Gray.

I also named it the POWERMASTER, tippin my hat to one of Ford's (now
New Holland) tractor brands.

The picture is a mock up of the water slide decal on with paper but the
section of the rocket with the paper will be painted Ford Gray (it is a real
light gray) as is the NC the remaining airframe and altimeter bay will be
Ford Blue.

Finished up the paint and put a few clear top coats on the decal.

Ford Gray and Ford Blue. Looks nice.

The specks on the decal I think is dirt on my camera lens and not specks
on the decal... :rolleyes:

I ain't no photographer...

Except for applying the decal and letting the paint dry a day or two longer.

It is ready to fly.

Has anyone every used high temp paint at the aft end of the rocket to
protect it? This is not the kind that needs a high temp cure. What if any
success have you had?
The Top 18 inches is a removable altimeter bay. I am still working out a mounting for my P6 altimeter.

Thanks for looking.


Guess I missed this one. Very nice. Scratchers are my favorite rockets. Not to take anything away from all the awesome kits out there. Its just such a cool feeling when ya see that bird fly and ya know its your bird.