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Rocketman 13

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Nov 18, 2003
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He guys I should of told you sooner but today I am going to a college and I get to talk to the ISS live on video feed and ask them my question. Out of all of Califonia I got slected to go I should be on channel 26 at 3.30PM Pacific time.Later Rocketman 13
Here is my question that won.

My Question is based upon the continuing changes in technology. For example,computers are outdated every six to nine months.And the Hubble Telescope is now very outdated.So my question is this:
"How can engineers design the ISS so that it can be updated constantly so that it remains a "State of the Art" space station for you and other astronauts?"

Great question...I for one would be interested in their answer...
If you get a chance please post the response...Steward
One of the problems with computers in space is the approval process that NASA currently uses.

Your home computer has a lot more proccessing power than most of what NASA uses.

The problem is getting the new computers "hardened" to withstand the radiation and other "space factors".


Congrats on the question! That's a big thrill. Please let us know what the answer is...
Be sure to plug "The Rocketry Forum" when you ask your question! :D

Congrats! That's very exciting news. Be sure and preserve a tape of the show/broadcast for good rocketry bragging rights down the road.
Hey I'am back!!My question was the best so the made sure I went first.To bad I didn't get seen on TV (Very staticy hard to hear).What they do is have all the tech.. updated 15 years ahead!!!And there on board lap-tops are updated every month.And then I said Thank you in Russian and the Russian guy Alexander I think it is... similed real wide but I missed it becuase I was walking of stage with my back to the sceen we had only 22 mins of air-time and we asked 24 questions all together.It was great!! Rocketman 13
Excellent! Thanks for the update. Sounds like you made a positive impression on the ISS crew.

... although, I wonder- how does one update technology 15 years ahead, when they are sort of on the cutting edge already?
Well cutting edge technolgy is what is about a month new in technolgy and we have way advanced technolgy but they can't release it becomes it would blow the public away and it has more requirements such as a computer that can go through data and look at all the files in a second but it has to have super fast internet connection to make it possible.Also I made front page of the newspaper and they said I was "breaking the ice" by saying thank you in Russian. I am famous!!! Rocketman 13