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Dec 14, 2010
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I have a PER 3" Honest John that I'm ready to be construction on, and I have a question regarding the nose cone. It comes in two pieces, an upper and lower half. The lateral seam where the two pieces will join together is going to need some serious work to smooth it out. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to smooth out the seam? I'm an experienced builder with several HPR kits (as well as hundreds of modroc and quite a few mid-power rockets) under my belt, so I'm very familiar with using putty, Elmer's F-n-F, etc to fill spirals and other imperfections. But I've never before built a kit with a nose cone that came in two pieces, so I've never before had to fill areas on the nose cone, and I'm also unsure about what might bond best on the nose cone pieces. I sure would appreciate any suggestions you might have.
Thanks in advance.
John Murrill
Use Testor's Contour Putty.

It's used for model cars.

With mine I just roughed up the shoulder real well and epoxied the two halves together. I also made sure that the long coupler was epoxied to the point it meets the front of the cone and where it comes out of the rear section. As for filling the gap I used some elmer's wood filler and sanded.
Use the Testor's or Sqaudron putty ($4-$5 for a lifetime supply). It has toulene (sp), so it will bond to the plastic unlike the Elmers product. Bondo is good but harder to sand.