A Good Friend Passes Away

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Green Arrow

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Jan 22, 2009
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Well, after 9 years loyal devotion our Yellow Lab Abby was put to sleep at the Emergency Vet today at 1am.

She has been herself for the past few months and our visits to our vet to figure out what was going on was invain.

We can home today to find she had an accident in the dinningroom and she felt bad for having it. By 6pm she started throwing up and by midnight we were on our way to the emergency vet when she started to bleed out. We had this feeling it was a tumor/cancer of some sort.

We finally made the hardest choice to put her to sleep. She quickly relaxed, quit shaking and just went to sleep. (Sometimes it is to easy to be selfish and think of ourselves. The hardest part is to put the selfishness aside.)

She will be GREATLY missed by our family.......


Obviously we know what you are going through but we had more time to get ready since our Wolfy had been fading for some time before we lost him this past Monday. You have our heartfelt sympathies.
There's nothing selfish in what you did for a friend. They know, and they love you for caring that much for them.

Our chocolate lab, Molly, came down with diabetes and cataracts a little over five years ago. she has some sight and gets around pretty well. She also gets her insulin twice a day. She runs, jumps, plays fetch( locating by nose and ears), and has a pretty good life, all things considered.
My father-in-law says we are being selfish. He says it is cruel to let her suffer and she should be put down. He recently underwent gastric bypass surgery due to his weight, is now uncomfortable, and is miserable with his choice of consumables. I think we should put him down, but the wife and mother-in-law don't see it that way. I think they are being selfish:rolleyes:

My friend, you are in my prayers.

Evil Ed

Sorry to hear of Abby's passing. Anyone who's had to make the decision to euthanize a loved pet knows how gut wrenching it is. You have our symmpathies.

My heart aches with you. It's obvious that she had a good life, that's what we need to hold on to as we grieve.


My heartfelt sympathy. I've been there and, unfortunately, am likely headed there again too soon.
Thank you for the kind words.... It really means a lot and has help me! Time is what it is going to take to heal. The 10 year old is having the hardest time with the loss. I am probably second in line. I have loss my appetite. I didn't eat Friday and not on Saturday till late. The best part out of this deal is I could shed a few pounds..... ;o]

Easter wil be the hardest... I have to work, the family is going OOT so I will come home to no one meeting me at the door. Hard to run a household with 2 teenagers, a 5 year old and not roving vacuum........

Thanks again!

i'm so sorry for your loos . think not of the saddness but the joys of the life had!!!
Thanks again for your prayers, thoughts and kind words. Things get better each day.

We are already looking for a lab puppy.

I am so sorry for your loss. It is not an easy decision. I have had to make that same decision concerning three of my dogs during my lifetime. All had cancer. None showed signs until near the end. It is never easy.

I hope that your new puppy will bring you the same joy and love that your beloved Abby brought you.

so sorry for your loss. please know she s in a wounderfull place and watching you
I'm sorry to hear of your loss.

To honor some of the pets I have lost I have named rockets after them. It might be something you could do to honor Abby.