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Dec 24, 2003
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While we do have the coffee house, I was wondering if the moderators/owners would consider a, for lack of a better term, politics forum. I dredge around in RMR for state of the hobby and look for places where there is signs that I can apply grass-roots effort to help.

It seems the whole tribe over there is entirely focused on tormenting JI. Whether or not rocketry prospers seems secondary.

Of course this would have to be moderated so we don't get the same abusive behavior that festers in RMR. And, no I don't think the moderation would be easy.

It would be nice, however to have a place to constructively discuss what efforts the members of TRF, who really are dedicated to the fine art of sending our salary skyward, are doing to help make sure we can do this for many years to come.
It's this simple; if the political discussion starts I go! I hope the moderators choose to keep this forum as a clean site where one doesn't have to worry about being part of someone else's discussion (which could be preceived as a threat to national security) about what the government is or isn't doing for the hobby. RMR is the place for that forum, since you don't need to post any pictures.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055

What I was hoping for is not really politics, but the possibility of a discussion point where people like us can collaborate on what we need to do to preserve something that means a whole lot to each of us. RMR is so polluted with bile that it's usefulness is moot.

However I do think I understand your point and if I thought it risked losing your skill at RockSim. I'd drop the idea like a hot potato.

Politics and rocketry...might as well play with flint while handling BP. j/k (Had to poke atcha...)

Hospital_Rocket, I think I know what your intent is. I can appreciate what you are asking. If I understand correctly, you want a place for rocketeers to collaborate on how to "get the word out" or how we can pull together to move a political action along. I just think your request is like asking a vegetarian market to introduce new meat products. It kinda doesn't work.
I am inclined to agree partially with teflon, I would rather there be an EX forum added before there is a political forum...and neither has a place here on TRF.

Everyone wants to state there opinion about politics...I prefer to talk rocketry, rockets, propulsion, mid-power, high-power, recovery...etc.

The only religion I will spout on rocketry is when I blame my rockets demise on the rocket Gods...

Should a Political forum get started would I leave TRF?? No, that topic would be the only one I would not frequent. ROL has one called "regulations" or some such, that is the only topic I stay away from on that site.

religion and politics...definite taboo topics

My best advice is to ignore the BS in RMR the best you can....you can still discuss politics and even occasionally even get some good rocketry advice, believe it or not.....

you got to be very selective...

I do my politics bit over in RMR and come here and hang when I want to talk rockets.....

you might try the ROL forums and or chat.....

Please, no politics.

Back in September of last year I was the target of a small political movement within TRF. I got some 'interesting' emails about selling kits.

I think creating a political forum would bring more of this behavior to the surface.

Just my 2¢
I hate to be a dissenting vote in this, but I do have a somewhat middle-of-the road opinion here. I agree that we need to stay away from the name-calling and bickering that plagues RMR. But I also think it's helpful when someone posts up the latest and greatest in the ongoing battle to save our hobby from being a footnote in the history books. Specifically, if someone has a link to a new ruling or motion filed, that I would like to see.

Hi folks,

It was just a musing in light of all that is changing these days. I'd much rather keep each and evey one of you over here happily posting the stuff we need.

As Shockie wrote, I'll just browse RMR when looking to find the latest legal front. I've already chosen the approach by which I am applying for a LEUP,

My only regret is that there are a half dozen to a dozen hard-core rocket gods on RMR I wish we could bait over here.

I encourage each of you to continue finding ways to preserve our hobby and show it in a positive light, If you have a Great idea or experience, post ot in the coffee house for others to share..

Otherwise, I'll consider the subject closed

I frequently browse an Amateur Astronomy forum which amoung many topics, has one on Politics. It & the Philosophy & Religion seem to breed contention. Believe it or not, one of the other most contentious forums deals with binocular viewers for telescopes. :confused:
I'm pretty sure I can speak for the moderator group when I shoot out a resounding "NO" on the politics forum. While I can appreciate the desire for adult conversation on the the political issues we face and the potential solutions to them, I haven't seen a place yet where this can be accomplished. Closest I've seen is ROL, and, while it doesn't degenerate too far over there, what I do see over there still causes me to avoid going there most of the time.

I would even consider volunteering for it if we had a single decent, objective source for news releases. Unfortunately, I haven't seen a news release yet from any source that fails to inject spin on the topic. Also, there seems to be a dearth of reliable sources cited in most of the news releases we receive.

Squirrel, sorry you ran into an issue here. I hadn't heard anything about it. I hope all of it has blown over and all is good for you here now.

Kermie hit it correctly...we have a "No Politics" policy here on the TRF, and for good reason. Many a country or even friendship has been lost due to politics. Here, we do not tolerate that and have pulled posts faster than they went up just to keep this a free zone. I will bet the majority of our audience is thankful for that fact too!

TRF is the only place I know of that is strictly rocketry, designing, building and flying. That's what makes us unique. It also makes us a great resource for all aspects of rocketry with the vast and diverse user base we have through our membership. Our base ranges from adults to children and our policies make this a safe place for kids to enjoy rocketry and learn. No flame wars, no politics that cause flame wars and no ill feelings toward other members.

In the past, we have allowed INFOMATIONAL announcements only regarding the state of rocketrey, but immediately clamp down on responses as it was for info only, not to speculate or raise a stink about the situation. This was most prevelant in the IZZY post on the law suit...info only and it worked ok.

So in answer...NO to politics.

I would kinda like a political side just to help me understand some of the things that happen to our hobby and because I love a good political discussion

As I think about it, however, I see this isnt going to work and to make Carl's point stronger I will give you an example;

I go to a school, a great school in my opinion, that has an extreme political opinion. When I first came here I made plenty of friends and I got along with tons of people. One day I voiced my opinion, and lets just say it didnt go over well at all. Kids got angry, people started hating me, even faculty members made comments to me. Through this experience I have learned many things; always look at both sides of the issue, always stand strong in your belief, and most importantly, people dont like to be told they are wrong.

If we have a political forum, people are going to challenge each other's opinions but, unfortunantly it will not stick to that, name calling and bashing will generate because people hate the others opinion.

If we keep this opinion out of the forum though, we can see people for who they are and the rockets they build and it doesnt matter if they agree or disagree with what ones opinion is.

PLus there are other places to discuss politics. We can let those places handle it and stick to rocketry here
I would have to agree with those that say NO to a political forum. Its surprising how fast these discussions can get out of hand. I read an ultralight discussion board almost every day. Its not moderated, but the guy that started the site keeps tabs on it and can delete any inappropriate post. In the last year there have been three or four situations that a political issue has been discussed, or a thread has started out on an ok topic then gets railroaded into some big arguement that had nothing to do with the original thread topic. Its usually one or two that get it going, but it gets u..g..l..y fast It has caused some to become unfriendly, and even those that were friends have hard feelings towards each other. Its not fun to sit and watch this happen. Lets not let that happen here. Thanks. My .02
Having heard the feelings from moderator on down, I'm more than happy to let this one rest. I understand the concern that we could easily let a well meaning political forum degenerate into a place where all we do is slash at each other.

I know there is a bunch of constantly changing information that many of us need to know as the legalities of APCP are constantly changing. and I want to make sure that each of is is aware of the rules as they apply to rocketry.

The questionable issue, reflecting Kermie & Carl's opinions is what constitutes an objective news source. It ain't RMR!

Before I close this, on my part, for good, I'd like to ask the moderators for some guidelines of what kind of information related to the efforts by many parties to preserve rocketry would be acceptable or encouraged.

Thanks for everybody's opinion here.

Originally posted by Hospital_Rocket
Before I close this, on my part, for good, I'd like to ask the moderators for some guidelines of what kind of information related to the efforts by many parties to preserve rocketry would be acceptable or encouraged.
I'd say, use your own common sense. If you find information about rocketry related issues that you feel has been reasonably verified, go ahead and post it. If anyone else has contradictory information to dispute the validity of that information, go ahead and post that too. Just don't get into the name calling and "you're an idiot" kind of posting. As long as the posts are of an informative nature, the moderators will usually leave it alone.
First I am against a political forum here. That said you only have to look at this discusion to see what can happen.

You have the "I will leave" not I will not go to that forum ok thats anyones right but it is also political if the person is a valuable asset.
You have the powers that be,ie Mods and Admin saying no. Ok again thats thier right and thier job here but it can seem dictatorial.
You have the "it wont happen here" view, but it will.
And you have the "I want it" who may repeat may get upset at a refusal.
Having had a post or two of mine pulled because they came a bit too close to the limit is annoying but within the rules of TRF and I accepted them when I jioned.
I dont have to like it and I may agree to differ but they are the rules and I for one am glad they are there.If something is a little contentious ask a Mod first and they will tell you if it is ok to post it.

If I put a party political poster on my rocket someone will shoot it down and that is how wars start.

Just my 10p worth.

I am among the deleted post crowd. It was appropriate when it happened; I jumped up on my stump and got going. I am passionate about my politics and it does not take me long to get a head of steam.

The reason that makes this place so great is that it's ROCKETS...ROCKETS...ROCKETS !!!!:D :D :D

(without the politics!...)
Honestly, if I had my say, I'd vote to not even allow informative posts regarding the legislative issues involved, since I can't think of a single news story I've seen posted here that is even close to objective and unbiased, and it usually raises my hackles to see the blatant spin that goes on on both sides of this fence. IMO, there are enough sources other than RMR to delve into (ROL pops into my head first) to get news and commentary on the legal issues that we shouldn't have it at all on here.

Mine seems to be the minority opinion on that, though. At any rate, even some of the mods don't always get what they want around here either! :eek: :D
Well stated KermieD!
Thanks for keeping this forum free of the material the sent RMR into the state it's in. Humm a great reason for NO POLITICS.....try reading RMR. nuf said.