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Mar 14, 2004
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In between the big birds and experimental projects I've finished off a few standard kits. Got to have something to do while building rockets, after all.

Estes Phoenix, displaying my distaste for decals.
Aardark Aerobee 300 and ASP. The latter I did manage to paint in a scale pattern, speccifically Operation Redwing, the missiles the Navy launched in salvos of 6 over Bikini Atoll to lay smoke trails for observing blast effects from nuclear explosions. I didn't bother with the nose probe and fin flares though -- they'd have lasted maybe one launch.
A Quest Icarus payloader, prepped for E power. I don't expect to get this one back.
Two more Quest small birds. The Satellite Drone was interesting to build, but I'm not convinced those forward horizontal fins, that are glued sticking straight out from the body with very little root, will be there after launching. The Venture looks like it might just do some altitude seeking damage.
Very nice indeed! What type of pheonix is that?
Originally posted by Karl
Very nice indeed! What type of pheonix is that?

Just the normal Estes model. I got it on auction, but I've seen the same version hanging in shops. It's built to spec, except no decals.