A few pictures/designs posted...

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Cirius is a nice looking rocket. Lets see,i have a estes phoenix kit ,i'm looking to give a differnt look.Beef her up,and put in 3 Es,i wonder?;)
I like the paint/decal scheme of the Sonata. I think the fins need
f-holes, though. Then again, I guess that would clash with the keyboard.
How about making the fins the shape of the top of a piano?

Cool, let me know if you decide to build it, I can always send you the original Cirius Logo in any format you need. 8)


Thanks for the compliment. 8)

My original plan was to shape the fins like quarter notes, but I like your idea better. I'll work on it and post an update in this thread. 8)

I saw the updated picture with the piano fins. Very nice. I guess the
piano isn't exactly a very aerodynamic shape, but it's cool.