A Few Builds in Process

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Jan 20, 2009
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Here are a few of the builds that I have going on right now.

~ I'm not sure what to call this one -- maybe Der Big Red Bird Max Zero. The BT is an aluminum foil tube that happens to be a perfect BT-60 and the MMT is 24mm. I'm working on creating some decals for it now.

~ This is my mod of the SpaceShipOne. The tailcone on this one was melted by the glue Estes recommended so they sent me a new one. I decided to stretch this one with a 29mm tube and a cardstock transition. The MMT is 24mm.

~ A goonified Estes Sentinel. The BT is a 2" mailing tube and and the MMT is 24mm.

~ Estes Firecat. I always liked this one and was the benficiary of the remarkable altruism of a fellow rocketeer who gave me the NC. Another very personal example of how this hobby has some of the very best people.

~ A goonified version of the Centuri Sky Devil. Another 2" BT with a 24mm MMT. It's flown a few times and has gone up like a champion each time.