A Deuce - with a twist!

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Fore Check

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Sep 24, 2010
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Ok, so this is my first "stock" Deuce.... Sort of... :cool:

As someone who can hardly ever leave well enough alone, I had to cant the fins to make it spin on the way up. Use your imagination on what the Deuce trademark smoke trails will look like on a spinning rocket!

I added custom decals to complete the theme.
Another side view.

Yesterday I had a rare Saturday off work, but my wife had "other plans"....

I spent most of the day obsessing about finishing this rocket, so I got up early this morning to do it.

Can't wait to launch it!
great job forecheck!
twin spiral smoke trails.cool!
Great "twist" on an already great rocket! This should make for a great entry to the "Online Deuces Wild! Shrine" that Jim is building. Right Jim? <hint hint nudge nudge> "if you build it, they will come" ;)

Very cool. It'll be interesting to see how distinct the smoke trails will be. Be sure and get a nice liftoff shot!