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Oct 30, 2016
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1) What is the passing grade for the Level 2 written test?
2) How did Tripoli get its name?


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Mar 27, 2013
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1) What is the passing grade for the Level 2 written test?

For Tripoli: 90% on the Test. Can't miss more than 5 out of the 50 questions. Answer source: A 4:30am (local (for me)) phone call to Tripoli (1-402-884-9530)(I spoke to Deb T.)

2) How did Tripoli get its name?
Members of the club came from three cities in the area: East Pittsburgh, North Braddock, and Irwin. To help finance experiments and projects, one of the members donated some gold coins he had received from his father. These coins came from Tripoli, Lebanon during World War II. Since the members came from three towns, and Tripoli (roughly) meant "three cities," the name was accepted and they were known as the Tripoli Science Club.
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1) What is the passing grade for the Level 2 written test?


The flyer is required to take and pass a HPR Level 2 Written Exam prior to their Level 2 certification flight attempt. The individual must demonstrate their knowledge of regulations and laws pertaining to high power rocketry. Questions concerning basic rocket technical knowledge, e.g., center of pressure and center of gravity relationships, will also be included.
The examination will contain 37 questions in the multiple choice format.
The questions will come from a 97 question pool of questions, which should be used as a HPR Level 2 Written Exam Study Guide.
The passing grade is 88% ; this means you must have at least 32 or more correct answers out of the 37 questions in the exam.
The test may be taken only once in a 30-day period.
The test must be completed prior to the flight attempt. The flight attempt should be made as soon as reasonably and safely possible after successful test completion. The written test will not have to be repeated if the initial flight attempt(s) fail, or if a successful flight is completed within one year of taking the written test. Tests should be retained by the individual until the completion of their certification flight. Once completed, the exam is returned with the application form to NAR Headquarters.
NAR HPR Level 2 Written Exams are available from:
PO Box 407
Marion, IA 52302

[email protected]



This is the Study Guide for the Level 2 Certification Exam. Like the exam, it is divided into two parts, technical and
safety. Out of the 100 questions and answers found in the Study Guide, only 50 will be on the exam. There will be
25 questions on the technical portion and 25 on safety. Because the Study Guide provides the answers to the questions, a
passing score of 90% is required. You are only allowed to miss 5 total.

https://www.tripoli.org/Portals/1/Documents/Certification/Advanced Study Guide 2012-update.pdf

Have you found a club close to you yet ? You should go check them out and meet the folks who will be helping you with the cert, as well as any other rocketry related project.

2) How did Tripoli get its name?
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