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Feb 22, 2003
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Howdy, Just lost out on a huge lot on Ebay *sigh* - twas a Shuttle, a Gemini and fin alignment/tube guides, plus about 14 other rockets/parts etc.

So, in an effort to appease my whimsical nature (read : I'm ticked off when I actually found something I really wanted on Ebay and lost out by 2 bucks) I'm trying to decide whether to focus on :

A) Doing a massive cloning project for some estes kits that I can't find anywhere else - or will not spend a 100 bucks a pop via ebay to own an original kit. If I go this route, what I'd like to do is to build/clone the following kits in descending order:

Orbital Transport
Black Brant
Cherokee 3

The Nike is tops on my list because it will serve as the basis for at least two combos - Nike - Hercules and Nike - Sandhawk

Preferably, I'd like to order the parts from one company, thus saving me time. 8)

All of the above depends on what its going to cost me to buy parts, so I might try to find a designer's special - or even a collection through Red Arrow Hobbies - they have a few at 24.99 for tubes, centering rings, MM's, and LL's. No nose cones included..so I'm debating

2) Forget the cloning, and buy a Saturn V. No, I've never built one, but oh-so-want-to. lol

If I go this route, I'm hesitant to buy through Ebay, so does anyone know what the best price online is for a Saturn V kit ?

Sorry for all the long posts recently, I'm in a lull and though I have 3 kits to build here - MPC FlatCat, Enterprise and Battlecruiser - but I'm hesitant to build them due to their age and personal value. Plus, with all my work on the vendor's detailed components listings, one can only look so long at all the prices and companie' websites and not go insane and want a challenge - be it cloning or the Saturn V.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated,


Go with:

The $24.95 tube assortment from Red Arrow hobbies (a terrific deal!)

Do the Saturn V but...don't pay mor that $60 for it. (Estes has 'em on their web site for $69 each)

I think you mean the Terrier Sandhawk. that was a Pro Series from Estes. Easy enough to clone using an Estes Seahawk. Same lower parts. the upper part is pretty simple.

The Seahawk is usually redily available on Ebay for $30...don't pay any more than that.

Black Brant...which one? There were a few...the Black Brant II is still around from a few makers yet


Thanks for the reply. 8)

The Terrier-Sandhawk is one version thats on my list to do for sure, but this link


has information that a Nike-Sandhawk was at least built...once. I've written Sandia in regards to this possible combination, and even if its not ever able to be verified ( I'm betting Sandia can't answer my questions ), I'd love to build one - simply because I, like many others have always thought about a marriage of a Nike-Sandhawk.

I'm going to order that collection from Red Arrow, the more I've looked online, its just too good to pass up. 8)

As to the Saturn V, I emailed my Hobby Store's owner, and she said she can match the Estes price, and beat it by a few bucks. So it looks like I'll have a Saturn in the near future.

One other question - nose cone assortments ?. I've not seen any places to order a set of cones in various sizes, as a set...any ideas ?

Thanks again,
If you're thinking of doing the Terrier Sandhawk, I'd like to point you to our November Design of the Month winning entry by our own (TRF) Jason Toft at: https://fliskits.com/services/dom/2003/11-november/toft.htm

It's a great (semi-scale) TWO-stage version that looks incredibly awesome. Should be an easy matter to take his technique and make it a good scale subject.

As for parts. I'm not sure what *specific* parts you will be needing, but we (FlisKits) have a large (and growing) line of parts at good prices at https://fliskits.com/ (click PRODUCTS then COMPONENTS

Build them all of course. The Saturn V is a kit that all modellers should build at least once in their lifetime. Hopefully I'll only have had to build one once. I'm sending mine up on an E30 in a few weeks and hoping to get it back in two uncrumpled pieces. Of course the main reason I'm talking up the SatV is so I can do this again...

My Saturn V
I have purchased both the tube assortment and nose cone assortment from Red Arrow Hobbies. Both are great deals at the "Buy it Now" price. They are also some time put up on Ebay as auctions as well. The tube assortment also included lots of engine tubes, centering rings, and tube adapters. The nose cone assortment was comprised of multiple Estes nose cone packs. I believe they put it together to compliment the tube assortment. Product, service, and shipment were all first class!
I've got a re-issue MIB Estes orbital transport. If interested in trading leave a message in this forum and we'll take it from there.

Just finished: 29mm Mean Machine,Silver Comet, Apogee Aspire, Nike -X (Thrustline clone),Fat Boy w/3 "D" cluster