A couple of new birds for NSL

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Funny thing is, I can smell that primer right from the pic. ;)
Nice looking birds, btw.
Good guess, but no dice.

It came from the mind of John Rowan Stern at ThrustAero.

He calls it the MIKE IX. A sorta scale 3x24mm cluster. I think I'm going to try a camo paint scheme....
Her first flight will be on 3x C11-5's.

Fully loaded will be 3x D12-5's. Can't wait to try her out....
It will definately be going to NSL next weekend.
Sorry...Nope!...You can't go...

Not until you clean up your shop!

My shop is right next to the family media room...I have no choice...I have to keep it clean...OR ELSE!!


P.S. Great looking birds!

I'm guessing the Cherokee D will be a standard paint scheme. How about a Blue nose cone to be different or green?
Yep...the Cherokee D will be standard red and white. I just finished the decals. I already painted the nose cone red, but now that you mention it, a blue nc would look pretty good.
Great looking birds!

I'm frantically trying to finish one or two more myself to bring with me. As it looks right now, I'll *probably* only bring about 15 rockets with me (not counting the Deuces for TDD.)