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EVERY THING is on Ebay! even free plans are being sold on Ebay!:kill: dont they sell anything themselves anymore!? that way they could ensure they go to a good home. only we (well, maybe a few others, but not the entire world...) know about them, and most of YOU guys know what to do with a vintage kit... But any quack could decide it would be a fun thing to make and fly into a lake or something!:eek: or maybe I am just overeacting...:rolleyes:
I just want you guys to remember these threads when I come out with my final price for my Little Joe II...(still hovering around the $75 range...but not sure).

I could get a LOT more for them by selling them on Ebay!

Originally posted by sandman
I hate to tell ya this...yer a little late! Check the date on this thread.

Well there you go....the story of my life, a day late and a dollar short. :eek:

Still makes me weak in the knees to think about "multiples" of all those kits!
Bruce, knowing what some of those kits go for now, we're a LOT more than a dollar short. :p