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Jan 20, 2009
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Okay, so we all have had that clone we always wanted to build since we were kids, so here is mine.

I started my Estes Starship Nova clone as a trial run for building an upscale version, and it's probably a good thing, as I have ironed out a few oops spots where I would have had trouble.

I really had a blast building this one and am quite pleased with the final results.

Thanks go out to AstronBoy Fred Talasco for the OUTSTANDING set of decals, John Lyngdal who loaned me his nosecone for molding and Mike Gerauld for his tutorial on how to mold the silly thing:D :D :D !

But enough of that, I know what you really want...here are the pictures!
A front close up (thanks to my daughter for holding...)! The resin nose cone is REALLY heavy. I plan on using the AT D21 reloads to get this one up, I don't know if the standard BP C6 will have enough "oomph".
Real nice!

That was my third "clone" and I made up the decals from Monocoat Trimcoat.

There is a pic somewhere in this forum...you have to go Waaaaaaay back to find it.

Very nice job!

I've been wantin' a few of those cones for a while now. If you're willing to cast some, I'd take a few and I'm sure others would as well....
Real nice job! :D

I've always liked the looks of this rocket, and it's been on my list to clone for some time now, but I haven't tried due to the nose cone. I'm interested if someone is going to cast a few... :)
Very, very sweet!

This rocket is on my "to do" list - I have a cone (actually, I have a kit with fresh decals made by Fred)

..but I'm *very* interested in the cone that you made. Is it solid? Hollow?

What can you do with other shapes?

The cone is solid resin and HEAVY! John Lyngdal loaned me his original cone and I made a mold and Alumilite cast from it. I can make additional cones, but the alumilite is not cheap. I probably could have bought one on E-bay cheaper than I ended up with the casting kit....