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Jan 17, 2009
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I have some sad news to share. James Gartrell, better know in the online community as RocketJames and the Ebay community as Rocketgrandpa has fallen ill. He was diagnosed over the Thanksgiving holiday with lung cancer.

James has been active in the rocket community for years. An avid collector, he is well known on Ebay and the Yahoo Old Rockets group. James was also the newsletter editor for the Dallas Area Rocket Society and a member of the EMRR staff last year. In addition, he is the lead beta tester for Squirrel Works and also tests kits for Red River Rocketry and Hawks Hobby.

Being an independent sort, he shared his illness with DARS, (our local club here in the Dallas area), but chose not to burden the greater community with his concerns. The disease however is proving more resilient that the doctors first anticipated and James has been undergoing radiation and chemotherapy since late last year. As you can image this has created a significant financial strain on his family. James is currently in the hospital but when he is released he will soon put his extensive collection up for sale.

DARS has started a fund to help offset the rising cost of treatment. Anyone wishing to donate to James and his family should send a check to the Dallas Area Rocket Society care of our treasurer, Tony Huet. Checks can be sent to 932 Fountain Head Lane, Coppell, TX 75019. Those who might find Paypal more convenient can send donations to Squirrel Works at [email protected]. Please include a note stating that your are donating to James' medical fund.