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Jan 17, 2009
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There is nothing in this world that makes me sadder than to see a child have to suffer. Austin Nail (age 9) a fellow classmate and friend of my son who suffers from Cone/Rod Dystrophy that has taken his vision. Austin’s vision is 20/400 and is getting worse. He starts an experimental treatment today that has been working for others but there is no guarantee it will work for him. So I ask you to please say a prayer for Austin so he can see like a normal child again.

Thank you
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For those that do not know how this effects your vision. Just think of having a black dot in the center of both of your eyes that takes over 80% of your vision. This is how Austin sees now and the dot is getting bigger.
He's in our prayers too. please keep us posted when you hear something.

hoping and praying for Austin and his family that the treatment works for him.
Thank you everyone. I should know something thursday evening how his first treatment went. I know it may be a couple months before they know weather or not the treatments will work for him so keep them prayers coming.
my prayers are with him and his family, my baby girl was none too well at the start of her life, after a year of chemo, steriods and alot of hospital time she's much better, but they were rough times, and the whole family needs support
I know what its like to loose a classmate. I lost 2 last year in a car crash.

He is in my thoughts and prayers.

Sorry I have not posted a update on Austin but I finally got a chance to talk to his mother last night. The first round of treatments seem to be doing good. The eye that he was completely blind in he can now see some light. The other eye there is not much change in but they where told it could take a few treatments before any big changes will take affect if there is going to be a change. Now the poor kid has the flu and has been out of school all week. Again thank you for all the prayers and if you would please keep him in your prayers.