A bit of shameless cross-promotion: "Tip of the Hats" 2017 is this weekend

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Jul 23, 2012
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Hi all-

My son Alex' charity telethon is on again this weekend, benefiting (as it always does) One Step Camp for kids with cancer. There are some new things this year, most notably the broadcast is coming out of Santa Ana California instead of being based here in Chicago. Alex flew out a couple days ago to get things set up. It would be great if you took a look and of course anything you can donate is most welcome and goes 100% to a worthy cause.

The first event, held in April 2013, raised over $35,000. Players from around the world participated in the live stream and helped to make it one of the biggest events in Team Fortress 2 history, with more than 65,000 people tuning in.

The second event, held in March 2014, raised over $108,000, with more than 580,000 people tuning in.

The third event, held in September 2015, raised over $214,000.

The fourth event, held in September 2016, lasted 36 hours over a span of 3 days, raising a total of over $183,000.

The broadcast runs from mid-day today to Sunday evening. Here's the promo video:


Here's the web page for One Step Camp:

Links where you can watch the live stream are here:

And last but not least here is the link for donations:

Thanks for reading and wishing you all the best,