A BIGGER Terrier-Sandhawk!

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Jan 25, 2009
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Hey All, (is that the normal way to start off a project description here?)

FINALLY! I'm 90% sure I want to do this project!

As I'm sure many of you have noticed, I've had trouble deciding which project I want to do for my semester-long project. I've gone through a 29mm Tres and a 3" IQSY Tomahawk. I ruled those two project out for the time being because of complexity. I didn't want to be thinking of those too much during my school periods and having my grades suffer because of it. Thus, I've chosen this, a 12.3% scale (based on the Terrier) Terrier Sandhawk. Based on my current designs, it will be sufficeintly (sp?) complex to keep my interest yet simple enough not to cause any school-related troubles.

Some of the newer members won't remember it, but I did a slightly smaller 10% scale Terrier Sandhawk model based around BT-60 for the Terrier and BT-55 for the Sandhawk, with 3x 18mm in the booster and 1x 24mm in the sustainer. That was a very complex model to construct, and it's 50-50 for successful flights, so it's very finicky to fly! You can read about how it worked in the thread.

For this model, I will be going with electronics for staging to make it a bit less complex. (collective sigh here) I will be using BT-70 for the Terrier and BT-60 for the Sandhawk. I will again be getting my transition and nose cone from Sandman. Luckily, he'll only be doing one hole instead of four. I'm going to be using a XAVIEN XDRST-1 timer for my staging electronics, which will be mounted in a payload section in the Sandhawk. Estimated completed length is running at just over 55", so it'll be a big model at almost 5 feet. :)

I'm still doing the math and stuff for the scaling, and will get back to you when I've started building. I've collected the tubing and stuff - just need to know how much to cut off! ;)


Be sure to send me a really good picture of what you want.

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