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dr wogz

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Feb 5, 2009
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Hi All,

Yes, I'm new. New here, but not to rocektry. I have been doing low power for quite a few years.. (some years really really into it, some doing other things..)

Anyways, I have most of the basics down, have a pretty good understanding of the principle (at least I beleive i do!) and have designed a few rockets myself. I've also started to play with an old version of Rocsim to 'prove' a few of my designs. All is good so far. Even the "swinging a rocket around over my head to check stabability" (And one case of rockets tied to ceiling fans!!)

A few years ago, I got my first 'big' rocket, an LOC 'Vulcanite 76' for the bigger engines I used to be able to get (G sized)

As I am plannign to get my level 1 cert with this rocket, I am starting to look at what knowledge is needed:

So, is there a place where we can go to learn a bit? (Like say, a beginner's forum?) or somewhere to explain the aspects of rocket flight, the physics involved (as it's been a while since learing about Newton and his laws) and such..

Thanks all,
The Model Rocketry Handbook by Stine - check your local library for a copy to get on loan.

It should be on every rocketeers bookshelf.

Also try Rocketry Online and look at the Info-Center..good basics there.

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