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98mm Graphite Nozzles

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Apr 25, 2017
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Hi all! I'm looking to sell new 98mm Graphite nozzles made by Loki, not sure if it's compatible with other cases (if you know please enlighten me). They go for $150 new at Loki and are out of stock for the foreseeable future, I'd like $125 plus shipping from 08085 for each. I have various throat sizes. Please email me with any questions or interest at [email protected], it's easier then PMing IMO. Thanks for the interest!
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"Multiple throat sizes"? How many 98mm nozzles do you have to sell? Or were you planning on boring this one out?

Also, what throat size does this one have?
Hey Andy, sorry, I should've included that. Here's what I have left as of now, I already sold a few:
Throat size x quantity

i also have one odd one with a 0.98" throat. I say odd because the shoulder is a few mm longer, the shoulder is about 0.5mm smaller in diameter, and the oring grooves are deeper. It also appears to be a different graphite, whereas the Loki ones are nice and smooth this one you can see the grain a bit. I have no idea what it goes with but I suspect it's still a Loki, but until I know I can't sell it. The reason I suspect it's a Loki is because I bought all of these from the guy who used to make the nozzles for Loki, along with a half dozen large rockets, so he gave me a good price but I have no use for this many. If anyone knows anything about this odd one please enlighten me. Would post pics but I keep getting an error when trying from my phone, feel free to email me for pics.

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Man was that difficult to post a pic. Glad I know how to now. Here's a pic of the odd nozzle on the right and the Loki on the left. Sorry it's sideways...I'm not having great luck.

Update on quantities remaining:
Throat size x quantity

Note-The nozzles all have the same dimensions and thoats can be drilled to whatever diameter you want.

Also, will sell in lots of two for $110 each.

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Had to remove listing as some of the nozzles were turned to accept thinner orings then what is now sold. Until I sort this out with Scott at Loki I cannot sell any. Sorry.