98mm--> 4-38mm cluster

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Jul 29, 2014
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Just finished my cluster adapter I can now adapt a 98mm motor mount to 4-38's .

ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1481588939.281781.jpg

ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1481588955.058829.jpg
Yeah ,the front ring slides in tube to act as a centering ring .the rear ring is larger so it is a thrust ring . Should fit in an aeropack it's same dimensions as 98mm motor thrustring.
Very cool...
Need a conduit built into it for an ignitor wire....
Start 2 on the pad,,,
2 on the go...

I have another I need to put holes in for vent tubes a guy in my club wants to cluster 38 skyrippers going to vent through the bottom.. maybe do 2 Lokis , 2 skyrippers . I can add holes to it no problem.

I only made 3 but if there is interest I can make more .
As of now the plan is 2 polypropelyne I-146 and 2 Loki i's either the 316 or 405 planning on next launch hopefully in February .
I have received several request for these . Think I will make more . Send me a pm if you want one . So I have an idea of how much material to order. going to add a few changes like holes for igniter wires / hybrid vents and Thinking of getting them anodized.

Probably will not have any until after the first of the year . My weekends are booked with Christmas and birthday parties .

Will keep everyone updated.