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98-6g Case, AT or CTI

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I think he is looking for a used, and cheaper, one.

No such thing as a "cheap" Aerotech motor.
Under Tripoli research rules you can fly a 4-grain, 5-grain or 6-grain AT reload in a Loki 75-8000 case with CTI spacers and hubcap.

76-8000n case...-------$270
CTI Hub Cap-------------$50
CTI Spacer(max of 2)---$35 ea.
AT Seal Disc-------------$32

75-7680 Motor complete-------$630
AT Relaod Adapter Sys---------$99
AT Seal Disc --------------------$32

With the money left over you can buy a 6700+n AT M-1315 or Loki reload and have $ leftover, do the math.
Then you can fly AT, CTI, Loki and research reloads in one system!

Closeup of AT Nozzle-Kosdon Case.jpg
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The backstory is that I'm part of a student club. We found some parts laying around from a Carmack Prize attempt 6 years ago. We decided to resurrect the project. Turns out the 6XL motor case we salvaged lithobreaked from 23,000 ft. It's almost imperceptible, but there was a small buckle in the top of the case. We ended up cutting the case to 6 grain length. We thought we could do single point threading in one of our machine shops, but none of them actually had a lathe with a bed long enough. I was hoping someone would have one for sale (for not $600). I guess we'll end up outsourcing the machining.
I have a CTI Pro98 6XL complete motor, XL spacer, tailcone, and wrench. It has been used but is in perfect shape. The tailcone was painted red and the paint bubbled from heat. Retail value new is $710 plus the tailcone which I believe is out of production. Make me an offer.

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