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I make alot of my own chutes, using all kinds of stuff. 1/4mil and 1/2mil mylar, 1/2mil giftwrap mylar sheets, alots of light weight shopping bags, mylar or plastic sheeting balloons, Drycleaner Bags (1/4mil or less), some Trashcan liners. Several weights of Rip-stop nylon, real Silk and other materals for the fabric stores.

Once you have the patterns made, and a table or board on which to cut them its really a breeze.

Kevlar thread and silver trim Monokote take care of most of the Shroudlines and attachments.

ParaSheet Patterns-e_2in to 48in 12side 4-pic Pg_06-84.jpg

Mylar Comp Chutes-b_octagon (8 side)12in example_04-05.jpg
I make my own all the time - everything from 6" to 42" nylon chutes. You can get thin ripstop nylon for about 6 bucks a yard, sometimes less, at any decent fabric store. I use 1/8" nylon string for the lines, and they don't tangle like plastic chutes.
Top Flight recovery makes a PAR-9 - 9" with 6 shroud lines@$4.25ea , ripstop nylon.
Drop me a PM and I'll send some samples.:D

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