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Sold 8-Channel Wireless/Cabled Launch Control System


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Oct 23, 2015
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This home-designed and built launch control system is in good used condition. The sale includes the following:

1 x 8-channel launch control unit, plus plug on wireless module.
2 x 4-channel pad boxes, plus plug on wireless modules.
2 x 30m multicore field cable.
1 x 60m multicore field cable.
1 x 90m multicore field cable.
8 x 3m ignition cables with alligator clip extensions.

All the circuit schematics for the system will be provided.

The 8-channel control unit (LCU) facilitates independent ignition channel selection and pad continuity display. It has an internal 12V 7Ah SLA battery which can be charged and checked via front panel connections.

The 4-channel pad boxes (PBU) facilitate independent ignition channel selection and ignition relay short testing. They also have internal 12V 7Ah SLA batteries which can be charged and checked via front panel connections. If necessary, the front panel connectors can be used for connecting an external battery. Each pad box has a loud beeper that sounds when the pad box is armed prior to ignition.

The LCU and PBU units can be connected via the field cables for wired operation. Alternatively, the units can be used wirelessly by connecting the external wireless (RF) modules to the cable connectors on each unit. The wireless link is reliable out to at least 100m with the RF modules raised to at least 1.5m - 2m off the ground.

I am asking for AU$450 for the lot. This system is for a local Australian sale with local pickup or domestic shipping at purchaser's expense.


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