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75mm/3500 non anodized tubes. 50.00 each

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Nov 2, 2015
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Have a quantity of 10 75/3500 tubes for sale. Tubes have 3 grooves total. 2 internal and 1 external. These are 6061 T6 drawn tubing and cut and grooved to Gorilla specs. These tubes are not anodized. Please email Gary at [email protected] if interested. Paypal and shipping not included. Included zip to calculate shipping charge. Paypal and shipping charged are no additional funds for me. What they charge is what you pay. thanks Gary
Got mine. Very cool, thanks!

Chris, I see you posting alot lately. Not sure if this will help. You can use any snap ring case with any reload. Regarding Loki, you need the Loki noozle and forward bulkhead to use non Loki cases with Loki loads. AMW, gorilla, Loki hardware can be used with the Aerotech KBA loads and the CTI PROX loads. The hardware here is gorilla, just not anodized. Maybe that answers your questions. If I stepped out of turn, I apologize.