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75/76mm Snap ring case(s) with closure and nozzle

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Apr 25, 2017
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Hi all! I'm in need of some 75/76mm cases, prefer used to keep costs down. Any and all sizes. I very much prefer Loki but I'm open to others if liners are readily available. Thanks!
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I assume you check with Gary White (AG71) for non-anodized Gorilla cases? I don't know if he has any left. I think you bought 54mm from him.
Yeah, was planning to reach out to him to see, but I know he's not cutting any now, at least if I remember the thread. Those cases are awesome though! I picked up 10 or 11 of them. I would love for him to make me some larger ones. Good call to reach out to him to see.
I highly recommend getting in on the next order when he does one, you can save big $$$. Then use the saved $$$ to buy Loki internals.
I picked up a 75/6000 case from Gary a couple weeks ago . He said he had a few left .