72 miles and two rocket launches

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Desert Rat Rocketeer
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Mar 23, 2011
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Goodyear, AZ
I have a little device called a "Pulse" that attaches to my belt, and records my steps. During the last two weeks, we attended two rocket launches, one in Aguila, Arizona with the TRA/PHX group, and one in Holtville, CA. "Holtville Havoc" and Eagle Eye launches were both three day events. Between the two launches I unpacked the trailer, cleaned and prepped rockets, repacked the trailer. My little "Pulse" recorded 137,684 steps, equivalent to just over 72 miles.
Sharon and I flew 40 rockets during the six days of launching, and recovered most of them on foot. Model rocketry is a great exercise program!
I only got in 62 miles, I'm not sure where Wayco got the additional 10 miles but I know he worked hard to get us turned around between launches. Thanks, honey!