7 new DIRT CHEAP decal sets from stickershock23.com

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Jan 17, 2009
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Ladies and Gentlemen.
Stickershock23.com Is proud to announce, 7 new decals sets, making our new"ECONOMY LINE" of decals!

We all know our economy STINKS right now! and thats hard on our hobbies, so we have added 7 new decals sets all starting at or under $10.00 WOW!
These are all based on SIMPLE classic Estes kits. all either 3 or 4 fins and a nose cone. so they will be Dirt cheap and easy to build! But still absolutely beautiful, Guaranteed to turn heads at any launch.

Enough of that, here they are.

Yellow Jacket


Blue Star


Maxi Icarus


and coming really soon Demon

We are also happy to announce, we have lowerd the price on two other very popular sets, and added them to the "Economy Line"


And the very very popular


So if you wanted to build a cool upscale, but weren't quite sure what to build. now is your chance.

As always these decals are made of cut vinyl rated for 5 years in direct sunlight so they are sure to look great for years to come.

Thanks for looking and remember.

"Never fly Naked!"

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Very cool. Any chance of an upscale EAC Viper set in the future? :D
Heres what I worked up for that set. I guess I should add them to my website.

this preview is right from my cutter.

eac viper preview.jpg