7.5" Patriot is off the rail!

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Nov 22, 2016
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Of course we couldn't leave well enough alone. This guy has been grounded on the drawing boards for 20+ years and is now free to fly! An all inclusive kit with everything from motor retention, rail buttons, and a chute protector. Optional decals from Sticker Shock, a 75mm mount and no worries!!! I could Babylon but, you can get the details here!!! https://www.locprecision.com/product/ypat75/

Sweet. Those are the decals Mark helped me design for my 4" Madcow Patriot. I may have to order one...
Well Guys as you can see this is an INCREDIBLE rocket and a SWEET deal... what can I do about it????

I can make it that much sweeter..

How about the Copper patriot decal set (just like in the images Loc shows) for over 30% off RIGHT NOW!

go to my website put them in your cart thats all you have to do ..

heres the link.. https://stickershock23.com/product/copper-patriot-loc-75/

so whats the catch.... oh yeah you gotta act NOW... this sale price wont last long its only on for a few days.. so get this AWESOME rocket and a cool set of decals while you can!


Mark and Marian!
As an FYI, the color of red is red oxide primer, then cleared over.
I went with Rusto 2X Satin Paprika and Cinnamon. There always seems to be a bit of variation in the shade of natural phenolic, and the red oxide primer look is intense in some of the reference photos. Not sure of the accuracy, but was close enough for me.

For those curious about one interpretation of a build of this beast...in case you missed it: https://www.rocketryforum.com/showthread.php?138759-Loc-MIM-104-Patriot-Build&highlight=loc+patriot
Note, cluster rings not included in the stock kit...I just had to play with the new rings!:)
My kit came with open (non forged/welded) eye bolts. Are these sufficient for a rocket of this size?

I certainly wouldn't recommend it. Go with u-bolts or forged eyebolt and you'll never have to regret it...
It's a 75mm motor mount, use a tapped forward closure on the motor and the it doesn't matter. I've built one with the eyebolt and as long as you don't put 20 pounds of fiberglass on it, the eyebolt would be fine.