$69 Scroll Saw.

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Jul 18, 2012
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Lowes is having a clearence on Delta 16 inch variable speed scroll saws for $69, down from $99. I had hoarded some money for the GMC Redeye scroll saw, but the clearence price on the Delta beat it by $20. I happened to stop by Home Depot and the Lexan is on sale also. The sales person said they are not going to carry it much longer, so get it while you can! (I have a new Crayon project in the works and Lexan fins are neat on a Crayon.)
Looks like a nice unit. Lowe's webpage www.lowes.com says the unit is not available, at least not in any store in my area.

I gotta get me one of those. I am a balsa butcher, I might as well use scissors as an X-acto knife. I took a look on eBay and it looks like the "going rate" for reasonably decent-looking scroll saws is about $45.

I guess it depends if you're really hung up on a particular brand. Oh well, maybe next week. I just spent my $50 on rocket stuff this week, gotta throttle back on the cash outflow.