6 inche dia 10 x 29mm executioner

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lets fly high

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Feb 1, 2004
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Were do I start O yeah about a year ago I purchased a estes executioner which was the biggest rocket I had at that time. I thought it was huge at the time and well thats when it all started. Since then i've built bigger rockets such as the loc 4-29ss, aerotech mirage, and a fliskit RR. I also got into clustering motors as well. So I decided to build something much larger then I ever had a 2.3125 upscale of my first big rocket a 7.4 ft 6 inche diameter version powerd by 10 G64s Sounds crazy. spacecad puts it at hieght of 2056.57 ft weighing in at close to 15 pounds. The fins are made from 1/4 inche birch, and the air frame and bulk head are public missles phenolic. The nose cone was made from scratch standing at 19 inches long and is made of fibreglass. I've been working on this project for about three weeks now and it s coming along real good. I wll be posting of ton of pictures on the construction very soon
Heres a fin comparison shot the larger fin is a 3/4 inche jig I used to make the fins more on that later.
FYI - Joe is the guy that built and owns the <a href="https://rocketryforum.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9857&highlight=Baddest+Richter+Recher">Baddest Richter Recker</a>. His trade is mainly in automotive applications such as custom car audio, custom molds/paneling/speaker box fabrication, and complete auto body restoration. He's got a great background in electrical components - igniting 10 motors may present a challenge, but nothing Joe can't handle. Although he doesn't have many years under his belt in rocketry, I for one will not question the integrity of the finished product. He's been talking about this rocket for a long time now and it's not far-fetched at all.

Time for a fincan and motormount picture Joe.

I can't wait to see the finished product. There's just someting about the full Executioner scheme being 100% painted onto a rocket! (No decals!)
What do you mean 10 motors? It only had 9 a few days ago. That pile done growd.
Originally posted by Zippy
What do you mean 10 motors? It only had 9 a few days ago. That pile done growd.

Yes. Apparently the MMT was "awkward" with 9 MMT tubes and didn't allow for the fins to line up correctly. Whether 9 or 10 motors, it'll be cool!
And heres one all the parts laid out minus shock cord and chute. please Excuse the messy house.
The fin construction started out with a jig made from 3/4 inche medium density fibre board. Fisrt step was to cover one side of both the jig and 1/4 inche sheet of birch with masking tape. Then useing spray can adheisive I glue the two together the masking tape keeps the adheisive off the wood. heres is picture of this step.
Once the two peices were glue together I use a table router to cut the fin out heres how it looks.
Once the cutting is done you just pull the two peices apart and remove the tape then I repeated the sames steps two more times. In the end three perfectly cut fins
That fin can looks like a gatling gun...

should get some spent brass and pile it on the floor next to it ;)
20mm should be perfect for that ;)


AWESOME looking rocket :). Can't wait to see launch pics.
WOAH! thanks for sharing, can't wait to see it finished...
The same steps used to make the fins also applys to the centering rings. I was forced to use 1/4 inche birch because I could'nt find any 1/2 inche the only draw back is that I had to cut twice as many rings. After the rings were cut I simply glued the rings together to make up the four 1/2 inche rings. Here are few pictures
Next I cut into the motor mount holes with a 5/8 paddle bit so that the 1/2 inche flush trim router bit could pass thru into the holes.