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Rob Fisher

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Jan 23, 2004
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The 6 rockets I'm currently working on at once: 18mm bull pup, 24mm bull pup, der red max clone, baby bertha, E modified shortened maxi alpha 3 and a deuces wild of course! Paint jobs are not finished yet except baby bertha (daughters rocket).
Wow Rob! Those are cool! Great Job! You're almost as bad as CARL or SANDMAN!!

:D :D :D


Nice set of builds. More Bull Pups with non-traditional paint schemes!! I think they look awesome! :D I have an unpainted Bull Pup on my bench. Now I'm torn on what way to finish it.
Hey...we're not bad!!!

We're just drawn that way!

Oh crap! You forgot to glue on your forward fins!!!:D

Nice job Rob, you've got me beat by 1 kit, I'm only working on 5 right now, but I'm expecting a package any day now!:D Love those Bullpups, but my god man what were you thinking!:kill:
What Sand said!!! Besides...Rob is working in parallel...I could never do that as I tend to focus one one thing at a time. Too much cornfuzion his way for me...

Good Job Rob! now yer gettin like me...but like Carl and sandmn said gets confusing sometimes:D Very nice paint job on the Baby Bertha your daughter should fly it with pride.
6 rockets at once? It might be possible for me, if I had the space. I've only been able to get up to 3 in construction at any one time before my wife started hinting at taking up a little less of our apartment's living room.

For those that only build one at a time, multiple simultaneous constructions allow you to get the glue/epoxy/paint setting/drying on one rocket, then go and work on another, and keep rotating through the different models. Good way to spend a rainy weekend!

Nice looking rockets Rob! As WW said, space would be the biggest issue. When I have been in building frenzies, it is common for me to have 2 -3 models in the queue, however they were seldom if ever exactly in parallel. The epoxy issue is a big one for me, especially when using West. Since most of my rockets are not all that big, I always have leftovers and hence want to have multiple uses lined up. On the down side, I have forgotten minor steps like leaving the rear ring unglued until after the TTW fins are attached. No show stoppers, but steps that require some re-planning.
Cannot compute !! Brain melting , brain melting ......

6 at once ? Not for me and at least not for a while yet. Not that I doubt that each one will get lovingly crafted at the Fisher-Skunk Works but at the moment anything I touch has to have my undivided attention..... besides , the voices tell me to only build one at a time ...... I like the voices .... they are my freinds .....



I'm always forgetting something in the constructions... so I started using a highlighter to mark off the steps that I've already done when I'm building kits! Of course, this was only after forgetting not one, not two, but THREE launch lugs before painting.

Originally posted by wwattles
! Of course, this was only after forgetting not one, not two, but THREE launch lugs before painting.


LOL , I trust you had remembered the Motor Mount though ? Fortunately you cant actually launch without the lugs ( can you ?) unlike some other trivial items , like the chute for instance !

Missing lugs, eh? The #2397th use for duct tape ;)

(assuming you keep spares in the range box I guess)