5th Great Lakes Regional Meet Revisited

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Rocket-Tech Al

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Feb 8, 2005
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On Saturday, April 23, 2005,(Rain Date - Sunday, April 24) come back to Northern Ohio where it all started! The Tri-City Sky Busters, NAR #535, AND the Northern Ohio Tripoli Rocketry Association (NOTRA - TRA #003) are pleased to announce the FIFTH Great Lakes Regional Meet Revisited Launch. These rocket meets were started in the 1970s here in Northern Ohio and eventually turned into the first LDRS launches which were held in Medina, OH. The GLRMR-V will be held at our Amherst, OH field.

We have a large, flat farm to use with a FAA waiver to one mile. Flights thru "L" motors are possible. We are HyperTEK and RATT Works equipped. Porta-Johns will be on site and a food vendor as well.

Several motor vendors will be on site! Art Upton from CowboyRocketry.com and BoosterVision.com fame will be there. Scott Miller from SFSMIndustires.com will also be there to fill your larger motor needs. We will have a BIG raffle with lots of great prizes as well.

As Northeast Ohio is also the home of LOC/Precision, you will most likely be seeing Barry "The DOC of LOC" Lynch there, as well as the cast of usual suspects. Also, all participants will be getting hard copies of the newly refurbished Sky Buster News. For more information, please stop by the Sky Busters web page, at:

Sky Busters web site