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Jan 18, 2009
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After spending $24 at Radio Shack, I now have all the parts for my timer. Gagh. Soldering these fine parts taxes my eyes.... I have the 556 chip about halfway hooked up, and am adding a 1uF capacitor right now. I will take pics when I an done with dinner.
Aye, they are fun to solder.

I worked with chip components all the time last decade when manufacturers still made portable radios that could be repaired.

Sharp tweezers, a little bit of solder flux and RS silver solder were the ticket. Soldering 556 legs is a little bit easer....

Good luck with the timer! Did Rat Shack have the FET that seems to be common with the plans I have seen?

I am thinking of a timer for a Semroc Hydra VII... 7 C6-7 cluster on a small field. Hopefully I can get the parts together before RS discontinues discrete parts locally. I hope they still have them available on the website.

"Time will tell"
I usually do not have enough to purchase to pass the min. order amount.

What is Digikey's min. order amount these days?
There is no minimum order, but a $5 handling charge is added to orders less than $25.

Me thinks we will all be going there soon. Removal of the parts bins at RS would make more room for cell phones and over-priced Compaq computers...
Yes, teh Nakka timer (one I'm using) uses a HEXFET, commonly known as a MOSFET. I used the RS MOSFET.
almost halfway done! this is a LOT easier than it looks. I might be done by Monday.
There's no minimum order at Mouser either.

<a href:"https://www.mouser.com">www.mouser.com</a>

You can get their enormous paper catalog of parts etc. or everything in a CD free at the website.

Peace :cool: