54mm Spread Tow Carbon Tube kits


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Feb 21, 2012
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El Paso, Texas
Hello TRF, it is has been a rough time for me and I want to start moving forward with making a kit. In a month I will begin obtain more Spread Tow Carbon in order to get a few kits out there. I wanted to make the kit custom, but with like a base start and then from there you can add couplers, nose cones or chutes to come all together. The custom kit will give you the option to make your own fin design on a 12" x 12" plate.

The base price will be at $350 for a 60" long 54mm tube standard wall and fins that will be CNC cut from a size of 12" x 12" carbon plate. Pretty much adding nose cones or couplers after the fact will increase the price based on the price of getting the coupler and nose cone from other vendors as I do not have the means to make those myself yet.

I just want to say that I will add additional charges to getting the tubes sanded as I will be sanding them myself. Most especially with the spread tow material, it is more delicate and can be very difficult to sand the tube or plate without damaging the good looks of the material. I know what process I should forego with in order to get the best finish possible, but it can be very tedious.

Send me a private message if anyone is interested.