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I have to say that is looking pretty good. Any idea on how much it weighs now? I assume you're going to go for a larger chute then the 14" included in the kit. Best of luck.
That looks nice. Almost like a short Forte with stubby fins. What will you fly it on?
Nice video, I like the slow launch. Try it on the newer G80.:jaw:
So you bought an Onyx nosecone for the price of an Onyx and replaced everything else?:confused2::roll:

Turned out nice!
He he. Yeah it wasn't very cost effective. Don't tell my wife.
At least I have some spare parts. I'm already using the orginal fins on a different build, and I think I'll use the short BT to add a payload section to this one for DD.


I'm considering doing the same, it'll open up a world of engines that will do ~1400'... I'm planning on buying 3 3" LOC payload sections and just adding them on. Have one with a camera hole, and you can change it so it has 0, 1, 2, or 3 payloads... completely flexible for any engine.