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Originally posted by Frodo2801
Help please!! Does anyone know where I can find 5" tubing?

Heavy stuff or lighter stuff?

Dynacom has 5" fiberglass tubing.

Totally Tubular has been making noises for several years about carrying 5" tubing, but it is still listed as "not yet available".

Oatmeal containers?

I need 22" of 5" tubing for an inside airframe tube and lighter is better.
I've used the oatmeal containers many times. They are ~9.5" long so to get 22" you'd need three, with another for couplers. Better start eating :) They are great for oddrocs but its hard to keep them aligned and finish them. Joel's idea may be better. If ~5.5 was OK you could call LOC and see if they have leftover pieces. These are not expecially light however.
Thanks guys for all the info I wound up using the oatmeal boxes with a layer of 6 oz. glass to stiffen them up and they worked pretty good.