5 Reasons Going To Mars Is An AWESOME Idea


Lorenzo von Matterhorn
Jan 31, 2009
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His mention of a gamma ray burst extinction wouldn't be mitigated by the colonization of another planet in our solar system and his dismissal of the contamination issue prior to finding extraterrestrial life is not at all justified. These "awesome" ideas are all mostly lame and have obvious counterarguments and alternative paths to the same result at lower cost which I'm not going to take the time to present. I suspect he's doing this video because of so many anthropocentric viewers of his previous video who need to live vicariously through human explorers and therefore prefer spam-in-a-can for space exploration when the most likely and most productive future of the human race is all about robotics and AI which, BTW, is the most likely type of advanced technology alien we will meet if we ever do.

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