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5 more auctions on YORF

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Pictures and links might help, huh? :bangpan: More Classics to come either today or tomorrow hopefully.

https://www.rocketshoppe.com/cgi-bin/auction.pl?item=51255284508 the "big lot of smaller rockets"

https://www.rocketshoppe.com/cgi-bin/auction.pl?item=51255285394 -tie and battleship

https://www.rocketshoppe.com/cgi-bin/auction.pl?item=51255286795 -mega sizz decals and header card

https://www.rocketshoppe.com/cgi-bin/auction.pl?item=51255288023 -ARV COndor parts and bonus payloader

Thanks for looking! :cool:

military lot 1.JPG



small rckt1.JPG

arv condor.JPG
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The Trident and Exoskell end this weekend. Go toYORF, click the auction link, and get your bid on. :clap:
Only a little time left; less than a day to scoop the trident and trident II or the exoskell! :y: