5-24mm Crayon Launch

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Jan 18, 2009
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I went out a launched one of my Crayons today I love the flames but only 3 lit D12-3
Looks like no harm done!

Now...you have 2 extra motors for the next time!:D
Look at it this way, next time you don't have to break up a pack of D-12's

One of the guys I fly with routinely mixes D-12's and E-9s on his LOC Viper 4

Flies like a charm
Remaking of it. I got rid of the clear fins and I as ya can see I used a thin layer of J/B weld to get a good tack on the fins. Its still real light and It will be comin with me to NARCON
and another reason I used j/b weld is because I ran out of epoxy and I wanted it together:D
well i started painting the fins and I had a painting episode :mad: well it had more black paint on it than what i wanted so i tried to fix it then it looked crappy so then I went for the nose cone
What do ya's think Should I bring it to Bong this weekend? Ill also be bringing my AMRAAM2 and CRAMRAAM
Fly me Fly me I keep teling it to wait that it will fly at Narcon
All that black makes it look like a Big Daddy. :)

Well its not a scaled Big Daddy but its close I guess:rolleyes: dose it count Tim?
It works for me.
I'm not picky when it comes to almost scale. :D

Looks really good Bowhunter but why did you switch to visible fins? I really love my 5 D12 crayon with clear Lexan fins. I used a fin pattern that allows the model to land before the fins hit (usually). To date i've logged a ton of flights with only one fin damaged on a very windy day. Or are you just looking for more surface area for paint:D
Well It flew today and once yesterday at our clubs 2-day launch and it was cool all 5 motors lit both times and heres a pic of it